DJI Spark review

DJI Spark review

The DJI Spark, launched in 2017 is DJI’s smallest drone yet. With technology moving forward quickly, the Spark can be carried easily in a handbag or large pocket.


  Flight time:  Transmission distance:  
  16 minutes  2km (1.2 miles)
  Max speed:  Camera pixels:  
 50km/h  12MP
 Gimbal:   Video:
 2-axis  1080p

The Spark is aimed at a people seeking a easy to use and portable drone, whether it is your first one or one to take away. They have introduced several smart control features. These include quick launch from your hand and the ability to control the drone, take pictures etc with simple hand gestures when the drone is in flight.

It also has several flight modes, including quickshot which helps to create a professional looking video with a range of modes like circle and spiralling. It also have tapfly and active track where it can track a desired moving object or person. These all mean that this drone has many useful features that you would get in more expensive drones.

Although the 1080p and 12MP camera aren’t the highest specs, it still creates a good around drone for holiday and fun usage.

In conclusion, the DJI Spark offers a relatively cheap and easy to use drone, with many features which are found on higher end drones. It is perfect for a new drone user and someone looking for a drone to take away or easily fit in a bag.

The DJI Spark is currently £383.04 on Amazon. It can be found here

Spare batteries cost RRP at £64.99 but on Amazon are currently £46.66, they can be bought here

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